Shaw Super Dew

The World's Most Powerful, Versatile Hygrometer.

Shaw Super Dew

The SDG has a practical dew point range of - 80 degrees c. dew point which is from less than one part per million of water vapour, up to the moisture level in room air.

There is much more to the Super-Dew than first meets the eye. It can be connected by ordinary t/v cable, to a Shaw moisture sensor, from a remote site up to half a mile distant. Simple, compact and reliable, it is used world wide, for spot checks or continuous moisture indication in still or flowing air or gas. Two alarm or control settings are easily set by the user and provide instant alarms on the large LCD illuminated back lit dial and on the green and red signal lamps. As the reading is specific to water vapour, calibration is accurate for different gases. Flow rate has no effect on the accurate measurement.

Shaw modified molecular sieve moisture sensors connected to meter have 100 times the dry capacitance of other moisture sensors and an accuracy of better than one part per million moisture in very dry air or gas. They are gold plated with gold filters, 20 years life, and a two years guarantee.

Please state either 240 v or 110 v. with order.
4/20 m/a output. D.C. 24 v. input also available.
Included is a table stand and panel mounting springs.

Only Shaw has a two years, no quibble, meter and sensor guarantee.

  • Fast, one second for 99% response, dry to wet.
  • Indication of ANY moisture .
  • User 5 second calibration check.
  • Economic Price
  • Wet Alarm & Dry Alarm.
  • Sensor included.
  • 20 years sensor life.
  • Large clear digital display with back light.
  • Two years guarantee on meter and sensor.
  • Class 1 Quality control ISO 9002.
  • 4-20 m.a. output.
  • Supplied complete with free table stand for one or more as required.
  • Use as a monitor, indicator, alarm, or controller

Super-Dew with stand

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