Shaw Moisture Sensors

Shaw Moisture Sensors Explained

The Shaw SensorCapacitance was discovered by Michael Faraday at the 'Royal Institution' London, founded in 1799, and now known as the Ri.

The Farad, named after him, is a large quantity, but we are more familiar with micro-farads capacitance as in Shaw sensors. This again, is much more large than the usual nano-farad capacitance of others.

The Shaw gold plated moisture sensor has an internal pure gold filter. No corrections are needed for variable flow rates at room pressure, or even for a different gas, as the 20 years life sensor is specific to water vapour and has a linear response to dew point.

There is a rapid response from dry to wet in one second in still or flowing air or gas with an instant user check, of both sensor and meter, from parts per billion of moisture to room air.

The guaranteed accuracy of better than one part per million of moisture in very dry air is simply unique to Shaw high capacitance moisture sensors, as others have errors owing to the electronic amplifiers needed.

Range of Shaw Moisture sensors in Degrees Centigrade Dew point.

Purple spot  -100/0
Silver spot   -100/-20
Red spot    -80/-20
Grey Spot -80/0

Leonard Shaw
Hon. Professor Hygrometer Technology,
The 'Royal Institution' London.

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