Shaw Super Dew

Models Descriptions
SD Super Dew Hygrometer LCD display
SADP Shaw Automatic Dewpoint Meter Portable
SDT Two wire moisture sensor direct to factory control
DA Match box size pocket portable.
SHASS Rugged construction for oil rigs and nuclear generators
SDA Dew point Alarm with meter display. For Wall or Panel
SDDL Super Dew de Luxe fitted with one internal sensor.
All above models include Shaw Sensors.
Sensor Holder Stainless Steel. With Push on or screwed fittings.
SU4 Kit Reduces air from compressor to room pressure.
WPH Weather proof housing for SDA and Super-Dew models
ZBU Zener Barrier Unit in Case. (For intrinsic safety)
 Shaw Gold Filter High Capacitance
Moisture Sensors with 20 year life
Purple Spot -100/0 degrees c. dew point. 0/6000 p.p.m.
Silver Spot -120/-20 degrees. c. dew point.
Red Spot DP -80/-20 degrees c. dew point. For SADPR
Red Spot Auto -80/-20 degrees c. dew point.
Grey Spot
-80/0 degrees c. dew point .

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Two years, no quibble, free replacement guarantee on sensors & Hygrometers.

Visa accepted.

Intrinsic safety Certificate is valid only with Shaw Sensors

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