New Model Pocket Hygrometer


Dry Air

Designed by Honorary Professor Leonard Shaw, this miniature match box size meter is simple, reliable and accurate, with a clear display of the dew point of moisture from parts per billion to room air. It contains a five year life lithium cell for instant accurate readings in regular use, or during mains power failures.

It can be used either from a vest pocket, or connected by ordinary t/v cable, up to a half mile distant from its moisture sensor, for continuous use or for spot checks. With instant user checking by Shaw Automatic calibration, the guaranteed accuracy of better than one part per million moisture, in very dry air, is simply unique, as the sensor has a large micro farad capacitance, unlike contemporary sensors which have a small capacitance and need electronic amplifiers and special connecting cables.

The sensor, which is gold plated, has a pure gold internal filter and can be easily detached from the meter. In still or flowing air or gas no corrections are needed for the flow rates or for a different gas, as the sensor is specific to water vapour.

With the wide range of minus 80 to 0 C. dew point, the performance of this new pocket hygrometer is far ahead of contemporary hygrometer technology.

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