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Shaw Moisture Meters are the world's leading manufacturer of dewpoint meters, hygrometers and moisture analyzers for the measurement of minute amounts of moisture in very dry air or gas down to one part per billion.

Dewpoint Meter Products
Super Dew hygrometer The Shaw Super Dew - Measure Moisture in dry air or gas from parts per billion
Shaw Automatic Dewpoint Meter The Shaw Automatic Dewpoint Meter - A portable hygrometer for rapid moisture checks or continuous use on flowing gas or air
SSDIRG The Shaw Sensor Direct - Direct moisture sensor to factory computer
Dry Air Moisture Meter The Shaw pocket sized 'Dry Air' Moisture Meter - Portable, battery operated hygrometer
Shaw SU4 The Shaw SU4 - Sample Conditioning Unit for wall mounting
Shaw SWS-SD The Shaw SWS-SD - Weatherproof housed in-line Super-Dew Hygrometer in GRP enclosure for wall or pedestal mounting
Accessories for Shaw Hygrometers Accessories for Shaw Hygrometers - Calculator, Sensor Holder, Flow Indicator, Filter Unit, Audible Alarm Unit & Pressure Regulator
Shaw Sensor The Shaw Sensor System - The reason why Shaw has the largest hygrometer sales
Typical applications of the Shaw Moisture Meter
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